Ron Lab


Suggestions for preparing your presentation

Dear Presenter,

Thanks for agreeing to contribute to this forum. To promote the success of your presentation please consider the following points:

  • Confirm that the meeting venue is reserved: For Internal Lab Meetings, please visit the reception desk and reserve the room.
  • Make every effort to time the talk so that it lasts no more than 45 (forty-five) minutes. This will leave ample time for discussion and informative digression. Plan about 2 minutes per silde; this translates to ~22 slides per presentation.
  • If you plan to show gels or panels, please number the individual lanes and panels, conspicuously. This will enable the audience to refer to the data in their questions and will facilitate the discussion. Consider that it's easier to: "compare lane 3 and lane 9 in panel A" than it is to "compare the third lane from the left with the fourth lane from the right in the top panel".
  • As a courtesy to your audience, please set up all projection and presentation equipment well in advance of your presentation and please remember to disable any energy-saving features or automatic sleep or log-off features on your computer.

Thanks for considering this matter.

David Ron