Ron Lab


Mutant cells available from the ATCC

26 January 2011

The ATCC has accepted three of our mutant cell lines: CHOP_KO, PERK_KO and GCN2_KO as well as control wildtype cells into their collection.

The cells in question are SV40 large T-antigen transformed MEFs. Please note that the immortalized cells have undergone lengthy adaptation to tissue culture and some phenotypic features such as the hypersensitivity to ER stress may have been attenuated. Nonetheless the knock-out cells lack the gene in question and are a useful loss-of-function model for proximal signaling events that cannot be easily compensated for by adaptation in function of other genes

Presently ATCC is distributing:

Wildtype (control) MEFs (ATCC Ct. No. CRL-2977)

GCN2_KO MEFs (ATCC Ct. No. CRL-2978)

CHOP_KO MEFs (ATCC Ct. No. CRL-2979)

PERK_KO MEFs (ATCC Ct. No. CRL-2976)