Ron Lab



This reporter gene closely tracks the expression of endogenous CHOP. It consists of a ~9.3KB genomic mouse fragment linked to GFP. This construct was made by Heather P. Harding and has been described in: Novoa, et al., 2001, J Cell Biol; 153:1011.

We have assembled an imperfect predicted sequence of the plasmid (click here to download in EMBL format), a predicted map is also provided here as a PDF for downloading.

You will be provided a glycerol stock in STBL2 cells, which, in our experience, must be propagated at 30 deg C to minimize recombination. If recombination during culture in liquid is evident, consider producing plasmid DNA from lawns of E. coli grown on plates at 30˚C

September 15, 2004