Ron Lab


FLAG-epitope tagged wildtype mouse GCN2 in the mammalian expression plasmid pCDNA3

Flag-mGCN2 WT pcDNA3 has a Flag tag at N-terminus. It should be distinguished from the K->M mutant which is also part of this collection. This mutation creates a new FspI site. There are three FspI sites in WT Flag-mGCN2 pcDNA3 and four sites in Flag-mGCN2 K->M. This plasmid was produced by Ron Wek from University of Indiana and is being distributed with his permission. Please acknowledge Dr. Wek as the source of the plasmid

Supplied as a stab of E. coli (starin unknown) transformed with this ampicillin resistant plasmid

While we do not have precise sequence information of the plasmid, a rough map of the plasmid is presented below:

Click here for a larger version of the image