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P58IPK-related Glycerol Stocks

These plasmids were used in Seiichi Oyadomari's paper: Oyadomari, S., Yun, C., Fisher, E. A., Kreglinger, N., Kreibich, G., Oyadomari, M., Harding, H. P., Goodman, A. G., Harrant, H., Garrision, J. L., et al. (2006). Co-Translocational degradation protects the stressed endoplasmic reticulum from protein overload. Cell (in press).

Plasmid Name Ron Lab Name E. coli Strain Glycerol Stock Date Glycerol Stock Location
P58 1: mP58.FL1-pcDNA3 mP58.FL1-pCDNA3 DH5a 5.3.06 Box 23, #8
P58 2: mP58.dJ1-pcDNA3 mP58.dJ1-pCDNA3 STBL2 1.12.05 Box 21, #60
P58 3: boP58-pBabe.puro(notag) boP58-pBabe.puro(notag) STBL2 4.5.04 Box 20, #78
P58 4: TCRa-HA.pcDNA3.1(-) TCRa-HA.pcDNA3.1(-) DH5a 1.27.05 Box 21, #61
P58 5: TCRa-HA.dSP1.-pCDNA3.1(-) TCRa-HA.dSP1-pCDNA3.1(-) DH5a 4.15.06 Box 21, #70
P58 6: hVCAM1.dSP.dTM-pcDNA3.1(+) hVCAM1.dSP.dTM-pcDNA3.1(+) DH5a 4.21.06 Box 23, #5
P58 7: hVCAM1.pJENNIFER hVCAM1.pJENNIFER DH5a 1.11.06 Box 22, #87
P58 8: hA1AT.NHK-pREP9 hA1AT.NHK-pREP9 STBL2 6.29.06 Box 23, #33

Note: The plasmids whose names are in pink were gifts (or derivatives of gifts) and cannot be handed out without permission of the party that constructed the original plasmid. The relevant information is provided on the links next to the plasmid's name.