Ron Lab


C. elegans BiP (hsp-4) promoter fusion to GFP

This reporter gene tracks the expression of endogenous BiP (hsp-4) in C. elegans. It consists of a ~1.1 KB genomic C. elegans fragment linked to GFP in the vector pPD95.75. The fusion between the GFP artificial gene and hsp-4 takes place at AA #3 of HSP-4. This construct was made by Marcie Calfon and has been described in: Calfon et al., 2002, Nature; 415:92.

The predicted sequence of this plasmid is available as a EMBL format file.

You will be provided a glycerol stock in STBL2 cells, which, in our experience, must be propagated at 30 deg C to minimize recombination

December 30, 2005