Ron Lab


Mouse CHOP-10 full-length coding cDNA in mammalian expression vector

The full-length coding region of the murine CHOP-10 cDNA on an EcoR1 fragment from the original phagemid clone was ligated into the EcoR1 site of pCDNA1 (invitrogen) to yield the plasmid mCHOP10.pCDNA1

Note that the phagemid had a scrambled insert and the portion 3' of the CHOP-10 coding region (in red) is not from the CHOP gene. If you wish to obtain a CHOP probe for hybridization experiments we suggest excising the HD3-Nhe1 fragment that contains CHOP coding sequence.

Note that this plasmid must be propagated in P3-containing host strain such as DH10B/P3 under combined amp (25mcg/ml)/tet (10mcg/ml) selection pressure.