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How to find a 129sv BAC for "your" gene?

Posted by David Ron on January 22, 2007

Allan Bradley's lab at Cambridge UK has sequenced the ends of many 129sv BACs and deposited the sequence in ENSEMBL (Adams, et al., 2005, Genomics. 86:753-758). There is no guarantee that the BAC have all the predicted sequence between their ends (recombination, deletion etc. are issues), but this is likely also true of the BL/6 BACs posted on the web.

Go to ENSEMBL and find the mouse genome.

Find your gene and navigate to "Graphic view" using the buttons on the lower left hand part of the screen.

This will generate the Mouse contig view.

Scroll to the "Detailed View" window and select the "DAS Sources menu".

Click on the radio button "129S7/AB2.2 Clones" and close the menu.

The following image will appear:

Open "Features" menu and deselect everything except "EMSEMBL genes".
Zoom out to the appropriate magnification to get the image below:

Click on the ends of the BAC sequences and a drop-down menu will open from which you should select the "DAS LINK" feature.

Control Click to open in a new tab; this is the sequence of the BAC's end.