Ron Lab


Lab C. elegans strains available from CGC:

SJ6 upr-1(zc6) X; zcIs4 [hsp-4pr::GFP] V.
SJ17 xbp-1(zc12) III; zcIs4 [hsp-4pr::GFP] V.
SJ30 ire-1(zc14) II; zcIs4 [hsp-4pr::GFP] V.
SJ4005 zcIs4 [hsp-4pr::GFP] V.
SJ4058 zcIs9 [hsp-60pr::GFP] V.
SJ4063 zcIs8 [abu-1pr::abu-1::gfp] X.
SJ4100 zcIs13 [hsp-6pr::GFP] V.
SJ4103 zcIs14 [myo-3pr::GFPmt]
SJ4143 zcIs17 [ges-1pr::GFPmt].
SJ4144 zcIs18 [ges-1pr::GFPcyt].
SJ4151 zcIs19 [ubl-5pr::ubl-5::GFP] X
SJ4153 zcIs22 [ubl-5pr::ubl-5cb::GFP]
SJ4157 zcIs21 [myo-3pr::GFPcyt, hsp-16::clpp-1(WT)-TAG].
SJ4197 zcIs39 [dve-1pr::dve-1::gfp II].
SJ4199 zcIs40 [myo-3pr::GFPcyt, dve-1pr::dve-1TAG X].
SJ4200 zcIs41 [myo-3pr::GFPcyt, ubl-5pr::TAGubl-5 V].
SJ4201 zcIs42 [ubl-5pr::gfp X ].
SJ4202 zcIs22 [myo-3pr::GFPcyt, hsp-16pr::clpp-1?SS::TAG] .
SJ4203 zcIs39 [dve-1pr::dve-1::gfp II]; zcIs41 [myo-3pr::GFPcyt, ubl-5pr::TAGubl-5 V] .

How to obtain other strains of worms from the lab's collection

Mouse strains from our lab available via Jackson Lab's Induced Mouse Mutation collection

Cell lines from our lab are being made available through ATCC