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Ron Lab


Meetings Schedule 2022-2023

The Ron Lab internal lab meetings are (usually) on Friday mornings.

They will be held in the conference room on level 6 or by ZOOM, as per CIMR regulations

Tips for preparing your presentation are provided below.

Date Presenter Time Place
22-July-22 Ginto Cancelled Cancelled
9-Sep-22 Ginto 10.00-12.00 Cancelled
7-Oct-22 Heather 10.00-12.00 L6
11-Nov-22 Adriana 10.00-12.00 L6
18-Nov-22 Lisa 10.00-12.00 L6
2-Dec-22 Yahui 10.00-12.00 L6
13-Jan-23 Alisa 10.00-12.00 L6
27-Jan-23 Ginto 10.00-12.00 L6
17-Feb-23 Heather 10.00-12.00 L6
3-Mar-23 Lisa 10.00-12.00 L6
17-Mar-23 Maša 10.00-12.00 L6
24-Mar-23 Adriana 10.00-12.00 L6
14-Apr-23 Yahui 10.00-12.00 L6
5-May-23 Alisa 10.00-12.00 L6
19-May-23 Charlotte 10.00-12.00 L6
2-June-23 Ginto 10.00-12.00 L6
23-Jun-23 Heather 10.00-12.00 L6
7-Jul-23 Lisa 10.00-12.00 L6
21-Jul-23 Adriana 10.00-12.00 L6
  • Confirm that the meeting venue is reserved: For Internal Lab Meetings, please visit the reception desk and reserve the room.
  • Make every effort to time the talk so that it lasts no more than 75minutes. This will leave ample time for discussion and informative digression. Plan about 2 minutes per silde; this translates to ~35 slides per presentation. 
  • Please number the individual slides, lanes and panels, conspicuously. This will enable the audience to refer to the data in their questions and will facilitate the discussion. 
  • As a courtesy to your audience, please set up all projection and presentation equipment well in advance of your presentation and please remember to disable any energy-saving features or automatic sleep or log-off features on your computer.

Updated 15 Dec 2022 13.09